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Hosting a website means to present the website online through a server. The website is pointed on the server to host it from there.  It is recommended to choose the quality hosting providers to host your website. While you are going to host your website on a server, please keep some facts in mind before going ahead:


Almost each and every hosting service provider claims “unlimited” plans in various terms but it is not so. You are strongly advised to go through their terms and conditions and what “unlimited” actually means according to them. Generally, numbers of files or size of databases are not unlimited. Sometimes, unlimted is used for a specific plan, they sale, not for all. So, be careful before hosting your website there because when the size of your site increases or it starts consuming higher bandwidth, they start sending you notices through emails and demand money to upgrade your current plan. It makes you in trouble as your mindset was different when you were taking the hosting from them and now you will feel yourself being looted by them. So, read the terms and conditions and definition of being “unlimited” carefully before purchase.


One of the best options to host a website for free is Google sites or blogger. You can also host it as an add-on domain in the account where your primary domain is being hosted with real Unlimted facility. You must have access to your domain registrar and Cpanel as well to avail this facility.

Note: Please be aware about the free hosting of your website because the hosting service provider gives you this facility with some strict guidelines or terms and conditions like you cannot host a pornographic, abusive, malware or any cheating kind of website. If you don’t abide by the terms and conditions or their guidelines, your account can be suspended and you cannot host your website on their server. Generally, Only quality or informative websites are allowed to host on a server.


We register the domain for you and host it accordingly as per your requirements. We manage your domain and hosting services. We also promote your website on major search engines on intenet. So, don’t bother for registration of a domain or hosting a website. Give this work to us and sit relax. Within a certain period of time, your work will be done as per quatation and agreement between you and us. Be online and earn. Enjoy the life.


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