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Manage Redirects

To make a website error free, it is necessary to manage redirects. Mainly, two types of redirection are used:


301 redirection is permanent redirection and used when a page is removed permanently. The search engine will index the new redirected page in its database in place of the old one and the searchers will be landed to the new page only.


302 redirection is temporary redirection and used when a page is removed temporarily and will be back after some time. Till the time, the visitor will be landed on the new redirected page. And because it is a temporary redirection, the search engine will not replace the old page with the new one. Both the pages will be indexed but the searcher will be redirected to the new page only, until you remove the 302 redirection.

When a page is removed, deleted or gone. it will be a 404 error i.e. page not found. If a searcher lands to your website with Page Not Found activity, he will immediately go back and will search again or go to any other website from the search engine. It will increase the bounce rate of your website which is being seen by the search engine. It will make your website go down in search engine result pages, Obviously, it is not good for you.


So, 301 and 302 redirection are used to tell the search engine that the old page is removed and now this new page is here. The search engine will fetch that page, index it in its database accordingly and show that to the searcher. So, no bounce rate will be there as the visitor is getting what he wants. He will browse your website more and more.

Though many other redirects are there but 301 and 302 are the major redirection used in SEO technique so that no broken link should be there in your website. It will improve visibility and display of your website or optimized page or pages in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Sometimes, all 404 pages are redirected to home page of the website. Though it is fine but not recommended as it may also increase the bounce rate of your website because the visitor is not getting what he was looking for. So, it is better to manage redirects carefully to quality and the valued pages.

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