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Domain Registration

Domain registration should be done directly from the registrar appointed by ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Name and Numbers).  Actually, it is related to the ownership of the domain, you suppose to register for you. One must have the authentication code, which is also known as the authorization code of the domain, he claims to be his. If you do not have the authentication code of your domain, it may problematic,especially, when you want to change the registrar to transfer your domain. You will be asked to give the authentication code to do so but you will not be having it. You will also be asked to change the domain status but if you do not know how to do it or don’t have access to the registry of your domain with its registrar, you cannot change the registrar, DNS or its status anyway.

Unlike experts, people generally buy a domain from the resellers, which may be a firm, company or individual. Ask the reseller to register the domain in your name only and your email id should be registered with the registrar. A confirmation email will be sent to you to verify your ownership with the domain, you are going to purchase. you can check it later on with records. If this is not done, not you but the reseller will be in the legal ownership of the domain and having full access with its original registrar to make any change therein about the domain.

I have seen many cases when people came to me to change the registrar. They wanted to transfer the domain to another registrar but when they were asked about the authentication or authorization code, they did not have it. Actually, a huge amount of money was demanded from them by the legal owner of the domain, because they were earning good and their business was going smoothly so they were not in the condition to oppose the legal owner as they do not have any proof of their ownership with the domain in question. They wanted to make some changes or upgrade their website to increase their business or sales but they were unable to do that. On experts suggestion, they wanted to transfer the domain to another registrar to get its full access but at this point, that firm, company or individual who was the legal owner of the domain demanded a huge amount of money. They were in fix what to do then.

Sometimes, you may have to face the legal consequences to verify your ownership with the domain, you claim to be yours. In that case, you will not be able to do so because you, yourself, did not register your domain directly from the registrar with your account. So, be careful. Signup with registrar, create an account and then proceed for the domain registration using your credit card. The invoice will be sent to your registered email address and you can see the authentication code in your account with the registrar.