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Static and Dynamic websites


Understanding the concept of the Static and Dynamic websites is very simple. A static website is the web-portal which cannot be customized by you, yourself. You will need to take help from an expert web designer to make any changes in it. The static site is written entirely using HTML. Each web page is a separate document and there are no databases or external files that are drawn upon.

On the other hand, a dynamic website can be customized by you easily. If you want to make any changes in its content or phone numbers or other info, you can do it easily. You can update the content in a dynamic website very easily.

The dynamic website is written using more complex code such as PHP or ASP and has a greater degree of functionality. For instance, many dynamic websites can be controlled by a content management system. The websites hosted with different CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal etc are Dynamic websites as you have admin panel in the back end to update its contents as well as the other files.

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