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Domain Registration


At the time of domain registration, it is always recommended to register a domain directly from the registrar by ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). It will give you the complete ownership of your domain with its authentication code and DNS (Domain Name Servers) setting. You can lock or unlock your domain any time. It is advised to keep your domain locked so that it may not be transferred to any other registrar without your permission or action. You will be having options to renew your domain manually or automatically, depends on your billing setting with the domain registrar.

Reseller gives you a limited access of your domain or website. They will never provide its authentication code unless you demand it. Keep in mind that the real owner of the domain is the one, who has access to its authentication code. So be careful and be the real owner.

It is also advised to check its “who is”data to know who is being shown its owner and registrant. Domain registration is the step of your online presentation. So, be careful.

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