About us


Business Configuration Online, is an India based firm, duly registered by Govt. of India. We offer high quality and cost effective IT services for small and medium sector businesses. We are one-stop internet marketing technology solution provider. We will help you grow your business by helping with successful strategies, tactics and key elements of SEO.

Business Configuration Online, work on a comprehensive framework to make strategy and implementing an advertising campaign that leverages the power of digital and traditional media. We offer a gamut of services ranging from identifying target audience, creating powerful content, improve your web presence among your competitors by search engine optimisation and leveraging social media.

We Business Configuration Online, has experienced and dedicated team to help our clients of various sizes. Our team has strong technical knowledge, integrity, and business expertise. We are committed to provide close personal attention to our clients. Our team takes time to understand our client’s situation and provide innovative solutions.

It’s good to know all about us and the services, we offer. we take a deeper dive, moving from root principles to implementing the key elements of the digital marketing strategy. We cover Internet marketing strategy, the role of the website, identifying your target audience, creating powerful content and planning your Web presence and campaigns.

We’ll show you how to grow your brand and business, leverage social media, optimise search engine marketing and understand important topics in analytics and testing. Plus, we’ll explore case studies, tools and techniques so you know how to apply the strategies and tactics to build a successful and profitable online presence.

For more information, you may contact us as under:

M/s Business Configuration Online (Regd.)
61, Sultanpur Dabas, Delhi 110039.

Email: info@internetmarketing.technology

Ph.: (+91)-99539-30359.